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Halo 5: Guardians has been officially announced by Microsoft and it's coming Fall 2015.

The reality is that Halo 5 is coming in 2015. Right now the Xbox One owners are getting the Halo: Master Chief Collection. This means a refresh of Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo Nightfall and access to the Halo 5 multiplayer beta. In other words, all of our previous tips and tricks can help you win more! As part of this news, we are once again committed to helping you win more. Halo 5 is still a ways off, but seeing the older Halo games in the high definition settings is a huge success for Microsoft and Xbox One owners. In the recent past here had to enjoy the Halo 2 Anniversary game in the meantime. That might hold people over? Halo 5 is going to be huge. If you're already an owner of the Halo: Master Chief Collection, check out the most recent November 20th bug fixes list. This should fix most if not all the issues that have been mentioned since its release.

It's almost June and E3 and most likely there would have been some leaks and rumors for a Halo 5 which there have not been. Microsoft has said this to be true. Not a Xbox One launch title, but certainly it will be one of the top sellers for sure. Details aren't clear.

We can all hope for a Halo 5 PC version also as PC gaming has really pushed hard into mainstream. What also helps in that regard is that the Xbox One use x86 achitecture which is the same as what PC games need. That means Halo 5 on XBox 1 means a pretty easy port over to PC.

This recently release Xbox One promo perhaps accidentally on purpose gave the official teaser. Now with the official release of the Master Chief Collection, rumors some times do prove true, as in this case:

xbox one trailer with halo 5

We are adding content and will continue with extensive resources to help you win more at Halo 4. If you need walkthroughs or cheats to get through the campaign faster, we have videos. If you need to find the Terminals, check out cheats page for videos that will help you find them faster. Please check back with us. Non stop Halo 4 multiplayer tips on the way!

There is a lot to digest in the new Halo game. There is a new default controller layout to get used to and there are a host of new abilities and custom loadouts. Welcome to Halo 2.0 as I like to call it now. Our core focus is the same. We are here to help you play better Halo 4 multiplayer. Win more, cry less. Make sense?

Content wise, first we want to get you through the campaign as quickly as possible. So if that means using a cheat walkthrough guide, so be it. We plan of having walkthroughs for campaign right away as the game launches. Expect the skulls guides, terminal guides and achievement lists to come right away also. In a sense you want to race against the other Halo 4 player so that you can EXP up, gain levels and simply get the better stuff in the game. I like to call it the richer getting richer. If you get the good stuff, chances are you're going to win more at multiplayer. Life isn't always about what's fair. Sometimes it's about what's the most fun!

There are a number of key gameplay differences that you will need to learn about. We are looking for Halo 4 experts so please send an email if you want to be profiled as a top Halo player. We would love to have you part of the HaloForever.com team.

halo 4 cheatsWhen Tuesday comes, we are going to break into campaign and start gaining experience, points and leveling up. Expect a lot of unexpected twists and turns to being with mulitplayer. If you are coming from the world of Call Of Duty then it will be a smooth transition. It's a wise move for the Halo franchise to realize that FPS players have been into COD for a while now and expecting a Halo experience to be a opposite experience will lose some audience for sure. It's best to have the good aspects of COD and applying them to Halo in a Halo type way. Not to copy, but to be influenced by.

We have revamped to forum and it's all geared up for Halo 4 discussion. Our site is ready to go! We plan on compacting the tips for weapons and levels on main pages. For map specific tips and tricks, we will use the forum thread and also the blog section for those specific tips.

Previous Updates:

The world is talking Halo 4, but that doesn't mean it's all we cover with our content and resources. Care about Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary? It is the new Halo HD game which marks the 10 year anniversary of the Halo launch. Learn to bit about Halo Combat Evolved 2. It's officially named Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, but that doesn't have a cool ring to it. How about Halo CE 2? We like that better!

halo 4 glitcheshalo 3 tips xbox multiplayer gameHalo Reach is still being played today and we are here to help you win more. Halo Reach multiplayer is ultra competitive and playing better mean winning more and having more fun. The two go hand in hand. It's time to dominate Xbox Live! We cover the various Halo Reach maps and include flythrough videos and callouts which will help you communicate better with your teammates. A flythrough gives and a great idea of the map layout and good camping spots.

If you desire a quick and easy walkthrough, we have a dedicated page for that also. Get through the campaign with ease! If you are struggling with the single player, then check out our Halo Reach cheats page for faqs and guides to get you past the tough sections. You want to get into Reach multiplayer quickly and we are the same! We will post weapons tips and glitches also but for the most part the weapon glitches from Halo 3 are simply not part of Reach. As with the other Halo games, we want to give you enough multiplayer tips and tricks so that you can win more at Halo Reach.


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halo 3Halo 3 continues to be a popular game regardless of the fact there are newer Halo games out now. I think our Halo 3 multiplayer resources are the best we've ever done and without a doubt there is a gold mine of tips that will get you winner more immediately. We have a good number of Halo 3 experts. Welcome to our newest Halo expert Henry! Check out his amazing Halo 3 resume and interview! If you are active with Halo 4, you can send us an email and we can look at having you part of the Halo 4 experts section of our site. One of the greatest all time Xbox 360 games is Halo 3 and we are not going to remove any of our content. If you still play it, enjoy our multiplayer tips, tricks, videos and anything else that will help you play better. Over the years, one of our most proud moments was bringing the Halo 3 Pro - Sean "LeGeNdPimPs" Hinsinger to the site! He has a brilliant Halo 3 Guide. In addition, he's a part of the Halo 3 Experts page. He was active and offered lessons. Perhaps he's playing Halo 4 and will have him back active on the site. Get exclusive gameplay videos on HaloForever.com featuring LeGeNdPimPs taking on the top Halo players on the planet.

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Halo 2 is what HaloForever.com first started with. We have plenty of useful tips, tricks and glitches that will help you win more. People still like the "classic" Halo games and Halo 2 is a classic for sure. We have some videos and various articles/links that you should read up on. If you need to win more at Halo 2, then be assured we have the resources to help you improve your winning percentage.

Other cool Halo stuff that we've added recently includes some of the various Halo merchandise. There are many new Halo 4 action figures which are great collectibles or great toys on their own. They are authentic and very realistic! We've added and will continue to expand our resources on the Halo book series. With the popularity of ebooks and e-readers, we feel that you should seriously consider cracking into the Halo books if you haven't already. There are lots of them and heck, if you're too lazy to read I'm sure they come in an audio book format also. Get into Halo guys because it's here with us forever.

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About Haloforever.com - Our goal is simple. Play better Halo multiplayer. We all love Halo multiplayer and losing isn't an option. My goal is to help you win. Period. If there is a Halo 4, Reach, or Halo 3 game website tip or article that will help you win, I will get it. I update the links oftern especially with Halo 4 out now, so I do my best to ensure you are getting the most current tips and tricks!


Are you a Halo pro? I'd love to have you onboard with the website! Now that Halo 4 is here I'm sure there are some top new players out there. Are you one of them? Contact me via our blog!

  • halo 3 master chiefHalo 4 - with the recent launch, there is a lot of new information. We have a blog section with ALL the latest news headlines. Save time. Visit our blog, trust me!
  • Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo 4 Videos - With the emergence of YouTube, video game tutorials are huge and plentiful. We think a video is worth a thousand words. Frankly there are some Halo tips which are just easier to watch in a video than having us try and explain via words. Walkthroughs, cheats for finding Terminals and Easter Eggs. It's all here.
  • Halo Forum - Meet the Halo Experts here, ask questions, sign up for lessons and walkthroughs with the top Halo 4 players. Tips and Tricks section! Friendly! Join up and register. Find the most current Halo 4 strategies for multiplayer. Join up, discuss and start learning from the best players.
  • Halo 2 Tricks and Tips - You can find all my Halo 2 multiplayer resources. Play better and winning more often. Halo 3 Tricks and Tips being updated as we learn how to play the damn game!

Thanks for visiting HaloForever.com!

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