What we know about Halo 4 so far

I’ve watched a few videos from gamers who’ve seen Halo 4 in person. This is obviously not the final version of Halo 4 but some of this info might be interesting for you to read about.

  • sprint in multiplayer is always available and isn’t specific to any loadout
  • forerunner vision allows you to see through walls
  • no delays in Halo 4 multiplayer respawn
  • call of duty like gameplay with spartan points and metals which can be spent on improvements
  • better loadouts
  • weapon drops regarding power weapons will have random placements
  • melee executions yes
  • there will be mid match joining Halo 4 games online
  • mid match quitters in games is being fixed
  • Halo 4 map Wraparound is largely a vertical map with a big open center
  • Halo 4 map War House has a big mech in the middle and is good with short range weapons
  • forge yes
  • no more firefight mode

New details about Halo 4 multiplayer

Not a huge long list of things, but I did see a recent interview with the Halo 4 multiplayer lead programmer. I have to admit one thing. I’m nervous about this game. They have assured that it will play like Halo so perhaps I just need to trust? Anyways here’s a summary of Halo 4 multiplayer updates.

  • Spartan ranking up
  • custom loadouts
  • sprint
  • armor abilities
  • CTF
  • 16 player online

Told it wasn’t a long list!

HaloForever.com is community driven. What does that mean?

We are completely focused on Halo 4 which is coming later in 2012. We’ve been revamping the site and adding the latest Halo 4 news, screenshots and video. We’ve come to one conclusion lately. The best source for getting better and winning more Halo 4 is? Each other!

Community driven means players helping other players. It’s about sharing a bit of advice for helping out a newb. It’s about being a mentor to players looking to be the next Halo professional player.

Community driven is all about designing the site in a way that allows for you to communicate easily with other players. We’ve done that and will continue to do it. So far we’re adding Disqus comment sections on each of the Halo 4 pages. This will include pages like the Halo 4 maps which you can then discuss or ask other players for help in the comment section. It’s versatile and you can sort comments for most recent or most popular. In other words if Halo 4 players like what you’ve said, they can “like” it and it will become a popular tip or trick on that page!

Aside from implementing the comment sections we’re hoping that the Halo 4 forum will grow the community even bigger. It should be a great place to meet players, join teams, recruit and just discuss all things Halo 4 and other interests.

We always welcome your feedback so please let us know what you like, don’t like or want us to add.

Halo 4 better be good. Here’s why.

In terms of Halo lately it hasn’t been great. There is the Call of Duty factor and then there is the biggie, the new 343 Industries aspect also. I think the latter is the biggie in where the Halo franchise ends up.

The buzz around Halo Reach didn’t last long. I’ve seen the Halo franchise as slipping lately. I’m actually quite nervous about 343 Industries taking it over. When there is a change of management in any organization, this can really, and I mean really go from bad to worse. In the case of Halo 4, how do we know what they like or didn’t like about the Bungie Halo games? It’s really a subjective things which is part of the problem.

The Halo franchise has had the backing of the pro gaming community. That’s a steady and mandatory aspect for longevity and success. If the new Halo 4 multiplayer loses some of its professional and rock solid gameplay, things could be really bleak.

Having said this, with Halo Reach peaking and leveling off so quickly, perhaps now is the best time for this Bungie 343 Industries changeover. The lull in the Halo interest may be the key time for this to happen. I’m just hoping that they aren’ t brainwashed by the Call of Duty model of multiplayer and the the core, and I mean core gameplay mechanics are not ripped up or substantially modified.

No pressure 343 Industries, but get it right or we could see the entire Halo franchise taking a backseat if you get it wrong. Does anyone else feel my same anxiety about Halo 4 or am I overthinking this?

Halo 4 – A Total Makeover?

I think it’s safe to say that a core Halo fanbase didn’t endorse or enjoy Halo Reach. With the talk of Halo 4 and the release date of Holiday 2012, we wonder about the Halo franchise. It would appear now that Halo has slipped behind Call of Duty. With Battlefield 3 coming, it is quite possible to see the Halo franchise drop to #3 on the popularity ratings. Halo Reach peaked fast. Halo 3 peaked and maintained a long lasting appeal. I think we can all hope for an amazing Halo 4 release. With 3D being somewhat possible and Kinect being more common, we wonder and also worry a bit about how the Halo 4 game engine will be.

Buy Halo Reach – Halo Reach Bundle

So you wanna buy Halo Reach. Have some extra cash in your pocket? Have you been living under a rock and don’t own a Xbox 360? If not, your prayers have been answered. Microsoft has recently announced a Halo Reach bundle. Looks great doesn’t it?

It comes with a 250GB HDD, built-in 802.11n WiFi, two special edition wireless controllers and, a copy of Halo Reach. It comes at a price tag of $399 US.