Buy Halo Reach – Halo Reach Bundle

So you wanna buy Halo Reach. Have some extra cash in your pocket? Have you been living under a rock and don’t own a Xbox 360? If not, your prayers have been answered. Microsoft has recently announced a Halo Reach bundle. Looks great doesn’t it?

It comes with a 250GB HDD, built-in 802.11n WiFi, two special edition wireless controllers and, a copy of Halo Reach. It comes at a price tag of $399 US.

Halo Reach Pro? Be part of

When Halo 3 was in full swing and I launched the Halo 3 Experts section, it was a great success. All that success goes to the generous players who were skilled and wanted to help other Halo players improve.

With Halo Reach coming, I’m hoping that some of you top players will be interested in joining the Halo Reach Experts page. Of course it’s a bit hard to be a Halo Reach pro before the game is even out, but those top Halo 3 players are likely the same top Halo Reach players.

What does it take?

This is the question. I can tell you this. If you aren’t an established Halo player (tournament competitions) then you need to first establish yourself on our Halo Reach Forum. Stick around there on a regular basis and you will probably get yourself a spot on the Halo Reach Experts page. Blog – Updated Halo Reach Glitches and News!

There is no better way to get you updated Halo Reach glitches, news, tricks, cheats and tips. A blog is easy and fast for us to update. This means you now have a place to get the more current and accurate Halo Reach news and multiplayer glitches. It’s another way we can help you learn to play better Halo Reach multiplayer. As we like to say, starting now, it’s time to dominate Halo Reach on Xbox Live!