HaloForever.com is community driven. What does that mean?

We are completely focused on Halo 4 which is coming later in 2012. We’ve been revamping the site and adding the latest Halo 4 news, screenshots and video. We’ve come to one conclusion lately. The best source for getting better and winning more Halo 4 is? Each other!

Community driven means players helping other players. It’s about sharing a bit of advice for helping out a newb. It’s about being a mentor to players looking to be the next Halo professional player.

Community driven is all about designing the site in a way that allows for you to communicate easily with other players. We’ve done that and will continue to do it. So far we’re adding Disqus comment sections on each of the Halo 4 pages. This will include pages like the Halo 4 maps which you can then discuss or ask other players for help in the comment section. It’s versatile and you can sort comments for most recent or most popular. In other words if Halo 4 players like what you’ve said, they can “like” it and it will become a popular tip or trick on that page!

Aside from implementing the comment sections we’re hoping that the Halo 4 forum will grow the community even bigger. It should be a great place to meet players, join teams, recruit and just discuss all things Halo 4 and other interests.

We always welcome your feedback so please let us know what you like, don’t like or want us to add.

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