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Video : Trapping Rockets on Beaver Creek - Is this an old trick? I don't know, but it's one hell of a way to start the game if you spawn in the sweet spot. Personally, I didn't know about this technique, so look out the next time I see you in match making! (added October 18, 2006)

Video : Reverse Grav Lift in Lockout - This is one of those you gotta see it to believe it. Watch it and judge for yourself. It's one hell of a trick if you ask me. I've yet to try it but it looks almost too good to be true! (added October 4, 2006)

Video : One Shot Kill Tutorial - If you are an experienced player, this video won't float your boat. On the other hand if you are tired of losing and haven't mastered a trick that most of your opponents already know, then watch this. It's short, to the point and is a small file size. (added October 4, 2006)

Video : Lockout Jumping Tactics - Make sure to have your Xbox powered up with Lockout so you can try to pull off some of these manouvers. You will dominate like never before with jumping skills and knowledge as displayed in this video. This is a big download, 53 MB, and runs at 15 minutes and 26 seconds and is jam packed. I've said this already, but you need to check out Halo2Spy.com now for Halo 2 videos! (added May 12, 2006)

Video : Ascension Jumping Tactics - How important is jumping? If you really want to dominate a map then you need to know just what is possible. This collage video shows multiple angles on virtually every possible jumping position on the map. Getting to the Overshield first can mean a huge advantage. See the many ways of getting to it! See an opponent? Get the jump on them. This is a big download, 47 MB, and runs at 11 minutes and 46 seconds and is jam packed. I've said this already, but you need to check out Halo2Spy.com now! This kick ass website has every video under the sun. (added May 9, 2006)halo 2 tips

Various Halo 2 Multiplayer Tips - Here is a nice listing of tips covering all aspect of the multiplayer game. Most you may know, but there are some tidbits that will help you. One page long and covers things such as sniping, rockets, and various level specific strats. Written by Guest. (added May 8, 2006)

Video : Tutorial For Auto Reload Weapon Glitch - Simply said this is perhaps the most essential and devastating Halo 2 trick in the book. How is it done? Well watch this video and you can perform it with Carbine, Human Sniper, and Battle Rifle. You might see why you've been getting your ass kicked by guys using certain weapons. Important though, you can't perform this glitch if you are the host! This video is from a kick ass website which has every video under the sun. Check out Halo2Spy.com now! (added April 28, 2006)

Halo 2 Weapon Glitches - Posted on the MLG forums, this database is an essential part of mastering Halo2. You will gain an advantage over many players after learning the different tricks that can give you that extra edge in winning. Written and compiled by Royalness.

Halo 2 player finder - Type in a players Gamertag and see their detailed stats. If someone is talking trash on a message board and is advertising their gamertag then check them out here.

Halowiki.net - The ultimate Halo2 tricks, tips, guides, and knowledge source on the internet. Spend a lot of time here and you will become a Halo 2 champion.

A Newcomers Guide to Halo 2 at MLG Part 1 - A brilliant guide to Halo 2 multiplayer that covers it all and even vets can learn something here. Tips on battle rifle, carbine, energy sword, shotgun, sniper rifle, beam rifle, rocket launcher, and plasma pistol. Written by Dyslexia.

A Newcomers Guide to Halo 2 at MLG Part 2 - A brilliant guide to Halo 2 multiplayer that covers it all and even vets can learn something here. Tips on shooting, reloading, melee attacks, jumping, and grenades.Written by Dyslexia.

A Newcomers Guide to Halo 2 at MLG Part 3 - A brilliant guide to Halo 2 multiplayer that covers it all and even vets can learn something here. Tips on team play, weapon control, map control, power ups, and forcing spawns.Written by Dyslexia.

Halo2basics.com - A one page Halo 2 tips and game guide covering basics, movement, basic weaponry, offensive fundamentals, defensive fundamentals, advanced weaponry, and teamwork. Written by Michael Hodnick.

Halo 2 Multiplayer Tips for Beginners and Advanced players - A short Halo 2 tips and tricks page covering weapon combos, plasma pistol/battle rifle, grenades, melee, and where to walk. Written by Tony James.

Aiming and Manouvering Guide - A page with tips on how to move intellegently and how to maintain good accuracy while moving. Written by by Overswarm.

A Field-Guide to Halo 2 Multiplayer - A thorough Halo2 multiplayer game guide that covers things like human weapons, covenant weapons, vehicles, dual-wielding, strategy, tips, xbox live and timing, and maps. Written by T1 Hawk.halo 2 tricks

Jukesbox.com - Jumping is such an essential and sometimes overlooked aspect of winning at Halo2 multiplayer. This site is dedicated to the art and skill of Halo 2 jumping. Lots of content and of course videos! You need to know the maps to win and jumping is part of the package. You can get the jump of a player and get to the weapons faster than your opponent! (added May 1, 2006)

Weapons Respawn Times in Halo 2 Multiplayer Maps - A great one page table of all the weapon respawn times on all the Halo 2 multiplayer maps. Written by MurderDog.

Halo 2 Weapon Statistics - A great one page reference table listing detailed information about every Halo 2 multiplayer weapon. Written by Shadow Panther.

Movement Techniques - This one page guide will teach you important movement strategy that you can employ in Halo 2 multiplayer battles. It will get you thinking about how to play the game smarter. Written by by Overswarm.

Halo 1 Story - If you don't understand what the hell is going on with all the cutscenes and story line in Halo 2, then start by reading the Halo story first. Written by narcogen.

Halo 2 Story - Here's the continuation of the Halo story. I don't follow game stories and cutscenes so I'm glad for this explanation. Written by narcogen.

Advanced Combat Techniques - Learn some great Halo 2 skills and tips that will help you win. This page includes things like the difference between plasma and bullets, knowing your enemy, and weapons tricks and tips. Written by by Overswarm.

  Halo 2 New Maps Guide - A terrific multi-page guide that offers video clips illustrating tactics and strategies. I really enjoyed this one. It focuses on the new maps released for Halo 2 and is about ten pages total in length. Read about the weapon respawn times on each of these new maps. This is a very professional game guide. Written by Luke Smith. (added april 21, 2006)

Videos of Halo 2 Professionals - A great site a resource if you want to see how the pros do it. It's one thing to read about playing, but the ultimate is seeing the skills with your own eyes. Check these videos out! (added april 25, 2006)


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