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I believe that one of the best ways to learn is from observing the top Halo 3 players. Of course every Halo pro will tell you that playing people who are

better at a game will improve your game faster. But in addition to playing, watching Halo 3 Xbox videos is a great method to improve. Words can only describe certain aspect of Halo 3 especially when demonstrating a particular tactic or Halo 3 map specific jump or hotspot.

My goal is to bring you the lastest Halo 3 Xbox videos featuring multiplayer and various Halo 3 tricks to help you play better. Let this be your Halo 3 multiplayer video source! There are still plenty of new Halo 3 Xbox video to come in late 2008 and into 2009. Halo 3 is not dying off in the least! I will have the chance soon to post exclusive pro footage from Halo 3 pro LegendPimpz so please check back often. Thanks for visiting!

Let this be your Halo 3 multiplayer video source!

Still playing Halo 2? Check out my collection of the best Halo 2 videos to help you play even better!

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Halo 3 Pro Tsquared - Standoff Tips Halo 3 Xbox Video

Get an edge over your enemies in Standoff Map after watching this tips video. Get team tips for Standoff. Learning from Halo 3 Xbox pros is a good thing isn't it? (source: MLGPro.com, added June 8, 2008)


Halo 3 Pro Tsquared - Rats Nest Tips Halo 3 Xbox Video

Get an edge over your enemies in this Halo 3 Rats Nest Map after watching this tips video. Learning from Halo 3 pros is a good thing isn't it? (source: MLGPro.com, added June 8, 2008)


Halo 3 Xbox Sniper Training Video

Not advanced stuff in here, but still a very well done video. I really enjoyed the commentary. What this? A professional sounding and looking Halo 3 tutorial video? Yep. For that reason alone I will include it. Even if you learn one new Halo 3 sniping spot consider it worth your time! (source: MLGPro.com, added January 31, 2008)


Tsquared Tutorial for secret Guardian jumps!

"Tom Goes through some pretty awesome Guardian spots that he’s been keeping secret. " Learn the best Halo 3 Xbox tips from the best in the business! (source: MLGPro.com, added January 31, 2008)


Where to aim the Battle Rifle - MLG Halo 3 Video

"We heard a rumor in the office yesterday that much like the Battle Rifle from pre-patch Halo 2, the spread of bursts was random on the Halo 3 Battle Rifle. If this notion were true, when you shoot at increasingly longer distances, your shots become less and less reliable. To test this idea we employed a simple experiment. In the first sequence Nexy aimed for my head: it takes him five shots to kill. In the second, he aims much lower, toward the chest (notice the red dot indicating a "head" shot is still there) and kills me in four shots. This series occurred on LAN, meaning that on XBL it will be even less reliable. Keep this fact in mind when you shoot, especially over medium and long ranges. Aiming lower gives a larger target for the unreliable BR bursts." (source: MLGPro.com, added January 23, 2008)

video no longer available 

Tsquared Halo 3 Xbox Video Tutorial

MLG Halo Pro Tommy Tsquared gives you two excellent tips that will have you winning more. Find out from one of the best how you need to be aiming in Halo 3 to be successful. This video is the key to really understanding proper Halo 3 aiming. Also a nice grenade tactic for you. Enjoy! (added January 22, 2008)


Halo 3 Jumping Hints and Secrets Part 1

Hints and Hidden areas (part 1 of 4) on Guardian (including SECRET ROOM), Snowbound, and The Pit that are all accessible in a ranked match. (added December 21, 2007)


Halo 3 Jumping Hints and Secrets Part 2

Halo 3 jumping part 2 of 4 featuring Epitah, Construct, and Narrows. all accessible in matchmaking. NO MODS NO LOW-GRAV. Crouch jumps, grenade jumps, and fusion jumps. (added December 21, 2007)


Halo 3 Map Pack Heroic Flythrough HD Videos!

Quick Links: Foundry, Standoff, Rats Nest.

Halo 3 Pro Gameplay Footage - I've added and will be adding many more high quality MLG Pro videos on the Maps pages. Keep checking. You want to play better? Learn and watch the best players on the planet. (added November 18, 2007)

Halo 3 Trick Glitch Video - Like it or hate it, you be the judge. Some interesting cinema. (added October 5, 2007)

File Info: E3 2006 Halo 3 Trailer in Hi-Res
Size - 56 MB
Length - 2 minutes 20 seconds

If you would like to read a story on this Halo 3 video, you can visit here for an analysis of what you've watched.

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