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Halo is getting more popular and the obvious result of this is...Halo toys! We're just launching this new page so please check back. On this Halo toys page we will provide a buying guide to help you sort through the best and most popular Halo action figures and toys.

Halo 4 is out and the action figures are here also. No big surprise there! McFarlane toys is the company that has the action figures from Halo 4. They are impressive! Here is what they say:

"Brand new figures based on the highly-anticipated video game, Halo 4, created by Microsoft Studios & 343 Industries. The Halo 4 action figures lines include all-new, never-before-seen characters, weapons, accessories, and vehicles from Halo 4 sure to excite video game fans and action figure collectors worldwide. Halo 4 Series 1 line includes individual 6-inch figures, deluxe figures, and collector boxes."

Each Halo 4 action figure costs around $13 USD. McFarlane has made the following action figures: master chief, elite zealot, storm grunt, spartan warrior (red), cortana, watcher, crawler, and spartan soldier (blue). Where to buy? Most online retailers sell these new Halo figurines including: AAFES, Barnes & Noble, Bartell Drugs, EB Games, Fred Meyer, Hastings Entertainment, HEB, K-Mart, Kroger, Target, Toys 'R' Us, Toys 'R' Us Canada, Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon, and Walmart Canada.

Master Chief - This figure is 6-inches. The most popular character of the Halo universe, Master Chief, returns ready for action in Halo 4. Figure includes an Assault Rifle and features 28 points of articulation.

Elite Zealot - This action figure is 6-inches. Unparalleled in skill and unsurpassed in martial prowess, Zealots locate, analyze, and amass enemy intel. Figure includes an Energy Sword and features 26 points of articulation.

Storm Grunt - This is 6-inches. As the primary combat force of the Covenant, the Storm Grunt utilizes a standard battle harness with low-weight material for ease of mobility. Figure includes a Plasma Pistol and features 18 points of articulation.

Spartan Warrior (Red) - This is a red colored figure and is 6-inches. One of the most prominently deployed armor configurations for SPARTAN-IV field assets, the Spartan WARRIOR-class figure includes a sniper rifle and features 27 points of articulation.

Cortana - Cortana is back as the Master Chief’s AI companion in Halo 4. This figure features clear blue plastic, articulation, a base, and interchangeable hands to hold her floating display screen. As an added bonus, figure include a Halo Micro Ops version of the Master Chief.

Watcher - The Watcher is an all-new character debuting in Halo 4. This versatile support unit is part of the brand new robotic Promethean enemy faction. Watcher includes a clear base for hovering action, and a hidden, flip-down stand that allows it to stand without its base. Watcher also features several removable pieces that allow it to fit inside the back of the deluxe Knight figure (sold separately).

Crawler - The Crawler is an all-new character debuting in Halo 4. This savage, four-legged creature is part of the brand new robotic Promethean enemy faction. Watcher includes figure stand. The Crawler's mandibles open and close for firing and biting action. Figure features over 26 points of articulation for unlimited posing options.

Spartan Soldier (Blue) - The Spartan Soldier features the all-new blue Soldier armor type and comes with the updated version of the fan-favorite Halo weapon, the Battle Rifle. Spartan Soldier features over 26 points of articulation for endless posing options.

Deluxe Master Chief Action Figure

If you want something a bit more than just a Halo action figure, check out this deluxe edition. What will become of the Master Chief, who famously cryogenically froze himself in Series 3? It's your call with the Halo 4 Series One Frozen Master Chief Deluxe Action Figure! This totally cool set comes with an articulated Master Chief figure, complete with armor and a weapon. His UNSC Cryotube is also included, leaving you to decide when it's time for him to re-emerge into the Halo Universe.



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