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Halo 4 Terminals - Cheat Walkthrough

These links will get you the full walkthrough video.


Terminal 1 - Shortly after defeating the first two Hunters, go inside the building and check underneath the main ramp.


Terminal 2 - After your HUD starts to flicker and Cortana says it's because of her, it's at the base of a Forerunner structure. This is just after Rally Point Bravo after defeating a set of Prometheans


Terminal 3 - After meeting up with fellow USMC soldiers, following a cutscene with Lasky, turn around before running outside and the terminal is directly behind you.


Terminal 4 - Near the very end of the level, you will pick up Cortana and trigger a long cutscene. After the cutscene, fight the Prometheans that spawn and then continue through the first set of doors. DO NOT GO UP THE ELEVATOR. The terminal is on the right just before the elevator.


Terminal 5 - At Rally Point Delta, on your way to the checkpoint where there is an elite with a fuel rod cannon and two hunters, go to the structure to the left of the waypoint, and the terminal is behind the spire.


Terminal 6 - After killing the hunters and then going outside after a cutscene, look for the word "Atrium" written big up on a wall on the right. The terminal is located in some caves below the word Atrium.


Terminal 7 - After the flying sequence is over, you'll fight your way through some large Promethean hallways. In the 3rd room, look behind the central structure for the final terminal.


Halo 4 Achievements - Cheat Guide

Note: Links will take you to a tutorial video. (more listings coming up soon)

Chief Smash! - kill 3 crawlers in one hit with the gravity hammer in Mission 8.

Bros to the Close - complete mission 4 without one preventable Marine death on Heroic or harder.

Midnight Launch - get air in a warthog at midnight.

Mortardom - hijack a wraith in Mission 5.

Explore The Floor - get a Hunter to fall to death in Mission 6.

Give Him The Stick - this achievment is in Mission 7. Kill both Hunters using only the Sticky Detonator.

Skullduggery - finish any Mission with three or more skulls on in Heroic or harder. Use the easiest skulls being Grunt Birthday Party, Cowbell, and IWHBYD.

This is my Rifle, This is my Gun - in Mission 3 you have to carry a UNSC weapon through the whole mission on Heroic or harder.

Digging Up The Past - simply find Master Chief's record in Mission 1.


Halo 4 Easter Eggs - Video Guide Walkthrough

Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter Cameo easter egg. This one is on Mission 6 Shutdown at the beginning. Want to see how to do it? Watch the video here.

Halo 4 Skulls - Cheat Walkthrough

Here is a list of the available skulls which you may or may not want to find on your own. If you need to cheat to find them all? Big deal. Save time if you must. Here is a list of the Halo 4 skulls and what each one brings you. We are learning that you don't have to find them and that they are available out of the box. If so, then here is the description of what they do.

  • Iron skull - coop mode you go back to previous checkpoint on death. Solo mode restart mission on death
  • Black Eye - shields don't recharge unless you melee enemies
  • Tough Luck - enemies always go beserk, always dive out of the way, never flee
  • Catch - enemies are grenade happy
  • Cloud - motion sensor is disabled
  • Famine - weapons drop much less ammo
  • Thunderstorm - major upgrade to the capabilities of enemies
  • Tilt - enemy resistances and weaknesses are increased
  • Mythic - enemies have increased health
  • Blind - the HUD and the first person arms and weapon are hidden
  • Cowbell - acceleration from explosions is increased
  • Grunt Birthday Party - headshot a grunt HAPPY BOOM TIME!
  • IWHBYD - rare combat dialogue becomes more common


If you can't beat the game on your own, perhaps resorting to a cheat guide is for you. At the launch of Halo 4, Prima Games will have official game guides. You can get the eGuide for about $14 right now. It's not just a walkthrough, but it's a tips and cheat guide to help you win more at multiplayer. Here is what Prima is saying about it so far:

• MLG Pro Strategy – Get expert advice for every War Game map and game type from MLG pro Halo players and MLG tournament champions- Michael "Strongside" Cavanaugh, Michael "Flamesword" Chavez, Marcus "Elumnite" Lovejoy, and Brett "Naded" Leonard.

• Free Updates – Complete the Spartan Ops weekly episodic campaign. Access to this guide gives you key strategies and gameplay video from the devs to help complete all missions.

• Critical Content – Details info on Achievements, Emblems, and Multiplayer medals.

• Become a Legend – Offers the very best tactics to get you through the campaign with a Heroic walkthrough and Legendary tips.


If an eGuide doesn't interest you, for about the same money Prima Games also has their traditional cheat guide walkthrough book for around the same price. They have the soft cover or they have a more expensive collectors edition hard cover version. Both are shown below. You can find these available at most online retailers or at your local big box store that sells video games. The collectors hard cover edition does include a few extras such as:

• Hard Cover – Features a hard cover with exclusive artwork, unique treatments, and limited edition numbering for collectability.

• EXCLUSIVE Content – Includes an additional 48 pages of 'Behind-The-Scenes' content, interviews, concept art, and photos from 343 Industries.

• EXCLUSIVE Map Cards – 10 War Games specific Dry-Erase Cards with MLG pro tips.

• EXCLUSIVE Free Download – Includes free download for the Cryptum Avatar T-Shirt.






Every person who owns a Xbox want cheats! Halo 4 cheats are no different. If you want to get more out of the game, you need cheats. Designers make games difficult for a reason. They want you to cheat! Halo 4 cheats are another way of getting the most out of the game. Do we want you to cheat in an effort to win more at Halo 4? No, that's not the point of cheats actually. Cheats for winning more at multiplayer are just cheap. We know Halo 4 and Xbox players are most honest than that!

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