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It's about time to really ramp up efforts for the Halo 4 Experts section. If you're a stellar Halo Reach player there is a great chance you will kick butt in Halo 4. Go to our forum, send in a tip, be active and then you're most likely a candidate to become a Halo 4 Expert.

At HaloForever.com, we have been blessed with some very generous Halo players who offered up their skills and experience to you. I would hope that Halo 4 will be no different.

The question is, do you have what it takes to become a Halo expert?

Here's what we are looking for.

Someone who is:

  • shown to be consistently active and posting on our forum. We aren't talking about for a couple weeks. You must be active over a longer period of time than a week or two. If you prove yourself on the Halo forums, then you have made a big step in this process.
  • is willing to share tips and tricks with other players so they can improve their overall skills.
  • above average in knowledge and winning when playing on Xbox Live.
  • is striving to be a professional Halo player.
  • friendly

If you have what it takes, this is what you get from us:

  • a loyal promotional partner .
  • a high traffic website to get your name out there. We will promote you as much as possible.
  • a website where you can promote and advertise your Halo team.
  • a profile with content of your choosing on this page.
  • your own section on the forum where other Halo players can ask you questions.

So for right now, stop and consider the first step in the process. Only those players who are active and friendly on our forum will be considered a Halo Expert on HaloForever.com.

We get a lot of emails from Halo players who want to be on the experts section. We tell them what it takes and most do not make it through step one in the process. So please, don't send an email unless you have created a name for yourself on our forum.

Exceptions will be made for those players who have established a semi-pro Halo status or pro status. If you can provide us results and credentials of your Halo playing career, we would love to include you here.


Ask a Halo 4 expert a question! Answer questions and prove you're worthy of being profiled on our Halo 4 Experts page! No Registration Required!


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