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Weapon Glitches:

This one just in. Thow grenades faster and farther with a simple button sequence. Yes you will be able to throw grenades across the Halo 4 maps with this one. Best to watch the video here, then start practicing. This glitch requires you to click the sprint button just as you throw the grenade. It's all about the timimg. Hopefully 343i doesn't actaully patch this. It's incredible!

Map Glitches:

Abandon: Want to get on the top of the multiplayer map Abandon? I'm sure you do! Check out this video which might not be officially a "glitch" but you can put yourself in a virtually untouchable position on top of the map. We like it. Do you?

Complex: You want to get "into the wall"? Here is a nice video showing a rather nice Complex map wall glitch. From all reports, wall glitches are going to be showing up more and more. Watch the video here. Here is a second video which shows how to get "inside the wall" a bit easier. Watch here.

Imact: First glitch in Halo 4 found! This one is in the multiplayer Forge map Impact. You can bury yourself in the hillside which would make for a nifty hiding spot I would say. You need the walkthrough video to see the glitch in action. Watch it now.

Haven: Watch a video to find a hidden spot in Haven. As the video commentator says, this is a juicy glitch for Flood games. It is found in 2 locations on the map. Check the video here.

Welcome to our Halo 4 glitches page! As Halo 4 is just launched, let this be your place for voicing what you want us to provide. Glitches are pretty darn popular, and we realize this fact. Videos are becoming more and more popular, but perhaps you prefer to see screenshots and written explanations. We want to hear from you!


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