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Update: We are all going as fast as we can to get into multiplayer and dominate. So far I've added what I think are the best possible walkthrough videos on the planet. These are around 10 minutes each and I suggest sitting back and watching them all. I've also just added callouts (credit to iSuperMonkey) map overviews for all 10 Halo 4 maps. More content coming, but the game just came out! Please check back.

Complete list of maps available at launch include: Abandon, Adrift, Complex, Erosion, Exile, Haven, Impact, Longbow, Meltdown, Ragnarok, Ravine, Solace, Vortex. This page will be slightly different than our map pages for Halo 3. We are going to list all the maps here on this page with short summary tips, callouts, and important notes that will help you win more on these maps. If there are extremely popular multiplayer maps then certainly we will expand the tips on a specific page. We will wait to see how the best maps evolve and which ones you spend the most time playing. Our focus will be on the popular Halo 4 maps especially.

In December the first Halo 4 Map Pack will be available as DLC. This map pack is officially named Crimson Map Pack and includes: Wreckage, Harvest and Shatter. In February a new DLC map pack named Majestic Map Pack will include: Landfall, Monolith, and Skyline. A third map pack named Castle Map Pack is available in April and includes: Daybreak, Outcast, and Perdition. So you want to get these map packs? You have 3 options. Buy the Limited Edition Halo 4 and get them all for free. You can also save 15% if you buy a Halo 4 War Games Map Pass for 2,000 Microsoft points which is about $25. Map pass purchasers will get 2 in-game helmets and a unique in-game emblem. Yay!


- Initial sureveys of Erebus VII were promising and hopeful, but the events which followed tell a far darker story.

Tips for Abandon Map:

  • learn the map faster by watching an HD walkthrough video here. This is a guided tour by the actual developer. Great insight.
  • The scattershot can be found on the bottom floor of the scientific facility located in the middle of the map.

Abandon Callouts Map (click on image to enlarge):


- Now fully dedicated to supporting the war effort, this mining vessel once served the UNSC's colonization efforts.

Tips to win on Adrift map:

  • Get tips and a walkthrough from the lead multiplayer developer here. The video is about 12 minutes and this will save you time and help you win more.
  • The energy sword is located on a lift in the large room located in the center of the map.
  • The sticky detonator can be found to the left of the blue team’s initial spawn point via a long corridor.
  • The scattershot can be found to the left of the red team’s initial spawn point via a long corridor.
  • play on the higher platforms and shoot opponents from above.

Adrift Callouts Map (click on image to enlarge):



- Galileo's compartmentalized layout benefits protracted decensive stands in the unlikely event of an attack.

Tips for Halo 4 Complex Map:

  • an amazing walkthrough with commentary from the multiplayer level lead here. It's about 10 minutes long and you need to watch this. Learn faster via this tutorial video. Amazing insights and it doesn't get any better. Watch it here.
  • The two snipers also rest at each team’s initial spawn points. Both are onto of buildings, viewable from the ground.
  • The scattershot can be found behind the energy sword’s resting place, on ground level in the middle of the map.
  • The energy sword rests on a platform near the scientific facility located in the middle of the map.
  • Both Ghosts can be spotted at each team’s initial spawn points. There’s one at one end, and the second at the other end.

Complex Callouts Map (click on image to enlarge):



- Stranded on a remote world, a handful of survivors managed to use their ship's debris to thrive long after the crash.

Halo 4 Map Exile Tips:

  • this is a must watch video walkthough tutorial. How so? It has commentary with the lead multiplayer lead developer. If you want to learn this map you need to hear what the guy says who actually designed it. Great stuff! Watch it here.
  • Both snipers are located in each team’s initial spawn points. They lie adjacent to each other on the map and are elevated by a hill.
  • The rocket launcher rests on the other side of the banshee’s spawn, near the central facility’s opening walkway.
  • The gauss warthog’s spawn is located at one end of the map at one of the team’s spawn points. It rests by another warthog in front of a green canopy.
  • The banshee is located up on a ridge on one side of the map depending on which spawn you begin at. There is a path that leads up to the banshee located just under its spawn point.
  • remember that the Warthog gun is the most powerful weapon so use it always.

Exile Callouts Map (click on image to enlarge):



- Hidden deep within the clouds, harmonic resonance platforms are believed to sustain the existence of artificial stars.

Tips for Haven Halo 4 Map:

  • what you need to do first is watch this video guideded tour of Haven. The lead multiplayer level lead from 343i discusses all aspects of the map, strategic points, and overall design. This video will help you win more and understand the map better than your opponents. Watch it here.
  • The scattershot is located in the bottom portion of the map, resting directly under the map’s centerpiece, where both spawns meet.
  • The sticky detonator rests below the map’s first floor in one of the corridors. It’s located close to a stairwell that leads to the map’s second floor and centerpiece.

Haven Callouts Map (click on image to enlarge):



- Powerful channel-based mass drivers like these were once used to launch monitoring relays deep into space.

Longbow Halo 4 Map tips:

  • first things first. Learn the map better by listening to the lead multiplayer level designer. This guy has insights that is very revealing and will give you an edge. Watch the 8 minute video here.
  • Both rocket launchers rests near each team’s initial spawn point, up on a hill just off the main path.
  • The railgun rests on the opposite side of the map’s main structure (where the Spartan Laser is located) near an overhang that bridges to one spawn and the middle fighting ground.
  • The spartan laser rests on a high rise outside of the map’s main structure, located in the middle of the map.
  • There are also 2 sniper rifle locations on this map.

Longbow Callouts Map (click on image to enlarge):



- The catastrophic effects of this reactor's systemic breakdown will eventually rend this icy moon into pieces.

Meltdown map tips:

  • watch a walkthrough and video tutorial with commentary from the lead multiplayer map designer. You're getting tips and insight that are better than anything else you can find online. Who knows a Halo map better than the guy who designed it from the ground up? Check it out here.
  • Both railguns can be found to the right of each team’s initial spawn point up on a ridge, above one of the ghost spawn points.
  • Opposite to the two railgun locations, the incineration cannons can be found to the left of each team’s initial spawn points up on platform.

Meltdown Map with Callouts (click on image to enlarge):





- Now integrated into the War Games simulation, this curiously hidden gorge was once the site of a Spartan deployment.

Ragnarok map tips:

  • just like every other Halo 4 map, your learning starts with the amazing IGN series of walkthrough video tutorials. This video is a must watch. As with all the others you're getting some tips and tricks and insights about the map from the guy who designed the map. Watch it here.
  • The spartan laser rests on the cliff in the middle of the map that overhands the creek.
  • The railguns rest to the right of each team’s initial spawn point. Both are located on higher ground that will lead you closer to the creek located in the middle of the map.
  • There are 2 sniper rifle locations also on this map.
  • There are also 2 sniper rifle locations on this map.

Ragnarok Map with Callouts (click on image to enlarge):



- A testament to the Forerunners' technological prowess, this installation was designed to suspend the death of a star.

Tips for Solace Halo 4 map:

  • another IGN walkthrough with the Halo 4 map lead designer. You get some insights into how the map is laid out, where some choke points are, where fights happen and various other interesting tips. A must watch! Check it out here.
  • The energy sword is located in the middle of the map, underground. It rests directly beside the centerpiece light we just alluded to.
  • The incineration cannon also rests in the middle of the map underground. It’s only a few short steps away from the energy sword and is also beside the centerpiece light.
  • There are 2 sniper rifle locations also on this map.

Solace Map with Callouts (click on image to enlarge):



- ONI personnel remain convinced that these ancient structures somehow harness the planet's torrential wind for power.

Tips for Vortex map:

  • lead multiplayer level lead designer takes you on a walkthrough through this map. He goes into detail on various cool areas of the level and spots where you want to be. It's about 10 minutes and it's a great tutorial and tip walkthrough. Nobody knows the map better than the lead developer. Watch it here.
  • The two sticky detonators lie apart from each other, one on one side of the map and the second on the other side. Both are on higher ground that can be reached by a main pathway.
  • There are 2 sniper rifle locations on this map also.

Vortex Map with Callouts (click on image to enlarge):




Halo 4 Forge Maps



- Collision craters rarely elicit the need for embedded teams, but the contents of this particular site demanded it.

Tips for winning more on Impact Halo 4 map:

  • coming soon


- Seismic scans indicate that these looming citadels only hint at the enormous structure which lies beneath.

Halo 4 map Ravine tips:

  • coming soon


- Sites like this allow researchers the ability to closely observe a world's inner workings prior to colonization.

Tips for winning on Erosion Halo 4 Map:

  • check out a walkthrough video that shows each element of the map. Learn about the various terrain and where to best play the map to win. This is a Forge map. Watch the video here.




Crimson Map Pack - Available December 2012

Witness the chaos of a clash of civilizations in Wreckage, with its blend of claustrophobic spaces and dangerous exposures and venture into the human colony environs of Harvest, and explore a human foray on an alien moon in Shatter.





March 5, 2012 - We have official names of 2 Halo 4 maps. They are Warhouse and Wraparound. The new multiplayer maps, “Warhouse” and “Wraparound,” are separate entries from the campaign and not recycled areas seen throughout the campaign. The maps won't be straight from the campaign but will be created specifically to allow for balanced gameplay.

Warhouse Halo 4 Map Details: Warhouse is a civilian manufacturing facility that contains a giant mech mid-development orbiting a gas giant, and is a spherical map with a focal point near a centralised mech platform.

halo 4 warehouse map
Screenshot of the Halo 4 map Warhouse.

Can you spot the player?

Wraparound Halo 4 Map Details: Wraparound is a figure eight and contains lots of vertical jumps. It features a Forerunner solar facility that generates artificial sunlight and energy for a shield world, and offers circular catwalks and corridors for multiple routes.

halo 4 wraparound map
Here is a screenshot of the Halo 4 map Wraparound

Nothing is better than winning on Xbox Live. Halo for us, is the #1 game to play on Xbox Live. We built this site on Halo 3 multiplayer tips and tricks that will help you win more. We want to give you the same tips for Halo 4 maps so you can once again demolish the competition. As we move forward and starting thinking about Halo 4, we want your opinions and thoughts. What is it that you like and want from our website regarding Halo 4 maps? Do you want lots of Halo 4 maps walkthroughs? Perhaps you want screenshots. How important are Halo 4 map callouts? Please vote in our poll and let us know. It will be soon that Halo 4 rumors start up. We want to be prepared for Halo 4 maps. Thanks!





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