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Our tips begin! Here are some tips from the Halo Pro Tom Tsquared Taylor:

  • jet pack isn't a powerful as in Halo Reach. Don't expect to go as far and as long in Halo 4
  • the pistol has a bloom aka expanding reticule. The first 4 shots will be accurate, but the 5th and 6th will miss if you are shooting quickly
  • he likes the DMR and says it's very powerful
  • avoid taking on 2 players at a time because you will die quickly
  • try to get to higher ground. That way you can just back up to take cover
  • jump and then go for the sword lunge. Same applies to the rocket. You are much harder to hit and gives you a better angle on doing down and getting the kill
  • Halo 4 sniper rifle has far more recoil than previous Halo games
  • Tom Tsquared uses 4 sensitivity
  • use the hologram around corners
  • click "Y Y" quickly or double zoom quickly and you can zoom out, see radar, and then will re-zoom exactly where you were without losing your aim. It keeps the reticule right where it is.
  • the Halo rule is to never drop. In other words stick to the higher ground.
  • he prefers the jet pack

General Halo 4 Tips:

  • if you're a Call Of Duty player and want to have the same controller configuration in Halo 4, then choose Fishstick layout.
  • Beware of Promethean Vision because it will allow your opponents to see through solid objects. It's like x-ray vision and they can see your silhouette. They can see your gun, whether you're crouching, and where you are headed. To know if your opponents are using this, watch for a radar ping that comes out from the red dot on the radar.
  • If you have overshield, you can survive a sword strike
  • If you tenderize an opponent's shield with bullets, you can move in for the melee kill. The melee damage will pass through the remaining shield into the players health. This is like the Halo 3 melee because in Reach, the melee would just take out the shield only. In Halo 4 a melee will kill through a low shield.
  • hologram in Halo 4 is improved because you will go over ledges and will run on energy lifts and fly through the air.
  • when you are scoped on an opponent and get hit, you stay scoped. This means if you shoot at an opponent with a sniper rifle, they may and most likely still have you lined up in their sights and can pick you off. This is a new Halo 4 gameplay dynamic.

Tips for Halo 4 FFA:

  • timing is everything. Join in other peoples battles after they have tenderized each other. Play the cleanup role by hanging outside the main battle and time when to come in and steal some kills.

Playlist Tips: Regicide

  • kill the king will give you 15 bounty points
  • 10 points for any kill
  • bounty will go higher as the king is dominating
  • 30 seconds as king gives you an overshield
  • 90 seconds as king gives you a damage boost (more powerful weapons)
  • if you're going to die, avoid letting the second place player kill you

We hope that during the Halo 3 era, you have been able to use our resources and tips to improve your skills. You might think we are crazy talking about Halo 4, but we are not crazy! You will be hearing about Halo 4 in the near future. As a result, we are preparing our Halo 4 resources now. Halo 4 tips are very popular. Since you're at our site, we want to ask you. What do you think about Halo tips? What type of Halo 4 tips are most important? Your opinion does matter so please take a couple of seconds to vote in our Halo 4 tips poll. Thanks!




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