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Looking for a Halo 4 Terminals Walkthrough? Need the Achievements walkthrough guides? Check our cheats page for a full walkthrough video tutorial of all 7 Terminal locations and listing of "how-to" get the achievements.

Looking for a Legendary Walkthrough? Here is the IGN collection of videos from the start to the end of the campaign. See the full playlist listings of the 24 videos here. We are looking to add more videos that include commentary which should help you more through the harder sections. Getting the occasional tip might make your campaign a bit more enjoyable and get you to the ending a bit faster.


Walkthrough Video #1: Dawn

Here is a fresh new video just put up on YouTube. It's possibly the first walkthrough video on the internet. Will it last through the day? Maybe. Watch it while you can!


There are many options for getting through the campaign of Halo 4 faster and easier than before. We will list those options starting now. Certainly you can get free and mostly excellent walkthroughs on YouTube. You also have the option of using the various websites that have their own walkthroughs which are text and graphic based. If you are struggling with one particular section of a level, perhaps a website text based hint is better and faster than going through an entire video. That's my advice. You can also pick up the Prime Games guide which offers a walkthrough of the various levels but also has some nice multiplayer tips and tricks. We will be listing walkthroughs of every campaign level including: Dawn, Requiem, Forerunner, Infinity, Reclaimer, Shutdown, Composer, and Midnight.

We also realize people might want cheats and hints for finding the Easter Eggs and especially the skulls. With the reward based system in Halo 4, it's almost mandatory to find everything as quickly as possible so you can jump into Xbox Live multiplayer with some of the best weapons and abilities. Full walkthroughs for finding each and every skull is coming up.

It would take a lot of time to prepare a good Halo 4 walkthrough, but how do you feel about it? We haven't featured any official HaloForever.com walkthrough guides in the past, but we are considering doing this for Halo 4. Our thinking is that a lot of players want to get through the single player missions as quickly as possible so they can get onto dominating multiplayer Halo 4 on Xbox Live. So, if we decide to create a Halo 4 walkthrough, would you use it? Please let us know, we are listening to you guys!




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