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Tips and Tricks for Weapons In Halo 4:

  • weapons will appear around the maps but will be in random locations
  • the scattershot is the Promethean shotgun and the shots can bounce off walls. You can do a bank shot but the damage will be less than normal.
  • Tom Tsquared suggests that the scattershot is over powered and can be fired rapidly. Hint: get it if you can and use it!
  • Tom Tsquared loves the sword in Halo 4, he finds the needler extremely "insanely powerful"
  • don't underestimate the power of the assault rifle. Just make sure to use it up close and at close distances
  • 4 or 5 shots to kill someone. You always want to end with a headshot. So it could be 3 to the body and 1 to the head or just 4 to the head if you are getting help on the kill from teammates.
  • a full shield no point in trying to aim for the headshot.
  • beam rifle can kill in one head shot. You can make 2 quick shots in a row before overheating.
  • you can carry 2 primary weapons in the same loadout.

( many many more updates are coming up today )


What is the better weapon? The DMR or the BR?

This will be the hot debate especially with the competitive players. In fact the debate rages on at MLG forums already. There is a nice video here which discusses the BR vs. DMR good points and bad points of each. It seems quite clear that the DMR is the best which means it may see a tweak in a future Halo 4 update.

I want to run a poll here about what you prefer. Remember though, if you vote now and change your mind, you can vote again in a week. After playing for a while perhaps you will decide the DMR is better than the BR or vice versa. Please vote again if you change your mind. Please vote!




A comparison video showing body shots vs head shots of Halo 4 starting weapons:

Instead of getting chewed up on Xbox Live playing Halo 4 and learning the weapons on the fly, why not just watch this video? This will give you the raw information you need when making decisions on the maps. You may have to watch many times and rewind, but you can find out body shots, head shots, and time to kill with all the weapons that matter. Enjoy.



A closer look at the Halo 4 weapons:


Beam Rifle



In order to fully enjoy and utilize Halo 4 weapons you will need to acquire Spartan Points (SP) which allows you to buy different weapons which can be added into your custom loadouts. Spartan Points will be earned through each rank and can be used to purchase items for your personal loadouts. You gain XP as you level up in Halo 4 and gain ranks. The higher you get, the more SP you get and the better options you get in weapons. Gain XP through these parts of the game: Playing War Games, Playing Spartan Ops, Completing each level of a Commendation, Completing challenges and Using Forge.

When you first crack open your Halo 4 game, you will see the following primary weapons unlocked: DMR, Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle (BR), Storm Rifle, and Covenant Carbine. These weapons will be locked to start: Supressor and Light Rifle. The following secondary weapons will be available to start: Magnum and Plasma Pistol. The Boltshot will be locked to start. Grenade wise, you will have frag grenades and plasma grenades available and pulse grenades will be locked.

We've watched the Halo 4 trailer where the developers discuss Halo 4 weapons. We can expect amazing new sound effect which are accurate to the real guns. We don't know a lot about which weapons are coming back to Halo 4, but we do see that the Battle Rifle returns. It's better than ever and hopefully it has some nuances that require skill to use effectively. We just launched a Battle Rifle page where you can see screenshots of the battle rifle in Halo 4.

Halo 3 version of the Battle Rifle:

Halo 4 version of the Battle Rifle:

It's sad in a way, that the Halo weapon glitches from Halo 2 were fixed in Halo 3. It was those little Halo weapon glitches that added an extra strategic element to the gameplay. They helped you domainate on Xbox Live didn't they? So, as we start building up to the Halo 4 release, what do you think about Halo 4 weapons? Did you find our Halo 3 weapons tricks and tips helpful? What do you want us to provide for Halo 4 weapons? We are listening, and we are going to get started early for you. Obviously we don't know when Halo 4 is coming, but we all know that it is coming. The biggest Xbox game isn't that far off is it? Please help us out and vote in the poll.




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