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New Halo Reach Tips - Pre-Release Reach Tips!

Various Halo Reach Tips:

-You can now shoot grenades on the ground and in the air and they will detonate.

-Jet Pack tips - make sure to keep some of the boost for when you are landing. You need to gently land or you will lose health or worse, end up dead. Initiate your jet pack at the peak of your jump. You will get there faster and without using extra boost to get there.

-Sprint ability should be used to clear big gaps when jumping. You will jump farther and better than ever before. Never underestimate your ability to get to somewhere or some ledge especially when you can use a sprint in combination with your jump.

- In Slayer, if you are playing as a Spartan, you must find health packs on the map in order to regain your health. (Bungie developer, September 7, 2010)

-Hold down the melee button for juicy cinema and death animation. You get a special assassination move. Beware, it takes longer for the kill and you may end up dying as you showboat. (Bungie developer, September 7, 2010)

Halo Reach Tips - Battle Rifle BR Damage Demonstration

So you want some early Halo Reach tips? This is a great video which will show you the BR differences between killing a Spartan vs. Elite. It's good to know how many shots it takes to take dhh own a players shield. Based on this guys tests, the Spartan armor is weaker than the Elites. It's always huge to know how many armor hits it takes from primary weapon like the DMR so that you can hit chest, then finish off with the headshot. Obviously starting September 14 there is going to be a lof of Halo Reach tips coming. Certainy the Halo Reach weapon tips are key. You can't expect to spray and pray and win on Xbox Live. You need to know what you're doing. You need to know how you most used weapons cut through an opponents armor so that you can judge your next move or next shot.



Early Halo Reach Tips: How the Sword is different now

What energy sword tips could you come up with in past Halo games? Face it. Not exactly a tip dependent weapon. It seems that the mechanics of the energy sword are different now in Halo Reach. This example shows off the difference or how the energy sword will react in Halo Reach. Tips in videos are generally better than words. Check it out!


* there is fall damage in Halo Reach multiplayer.



The release of Halo Reach is closer than ever before! Why not start taking notes and reading Halo Reach tips now? This is a small collection, but certainly it will give you something to think over in the coming weeks as Xbox Live and Halo Reach multiplayer domination near closer and closer.

halo reach tips

Quick Halo Reach Tips:

  • Halo Reach tips for the Needle Rifle: you can hold down the trigger and it will continue firing. Remember though, the first few shots will be accurate only. Spray and pray after the first few shots will be the name of the game. The best tip? Stafe while holding down the fire button, but watch your timing as you will lose accuracy.
  • The new sprint feature. Don't do a beat down without it. You will love sprinting through people and doing the classic "drive by" kills. (triggaxn0m3try, MLGPro.com forums)
  • "If you are watching the radar when someone goes camo, their dot will stay in the same spot and still follow their movement, which means you can track them through the mess of misleading red dots." (SpiN, MLGPro.com forums)

May 3, 2010

It's here! Xbox Live taken over with Halo Reach. This is a great video that will give you tips and tricks for the Beta Halo Reach maps. You may have to watch this a couple times. Yes, the girls is hot, but she has some great tips that will edge you out over the competition.

Halo Reach Tips - Beta Tips and Tricks from IGN

Good details on maps, weapons, and various gameplay tweaks. Note the different button arrangements! Pause, take notes, and watch this Halo Reach tips video closely.



Halo Reach Tips and Tricks

Decent video, but lots of filler in the first part. You can skip the first part of this video and not miss any Halo Reach tips.



May 3, 2010 - Yet another Halo Reach Tips Video





Providing you with Halo 2 and Halo 3 tips has been our bread and butter over the years. Halo Reach tips will be just as important to us. If you are an expert, you can help like others have in the past. We would gladly consider you as a Halo Expert if you have extraordinary Halo Reach skills and are will to share some Halo Reach tips with other players looking to improve their game. Tips are generally short one or two sentence strategies that will help you dominate more on Xbox Live. Losing sucks, we have all been there. The competetive nature of Halo multiplayer will be even more intense with the upcoming release of Halo Reach. Check with us for the #1 Halo Reach tips resouces!




Unlike glitches, tricks are more like a show of your skills. Halo Reach tricks will include many skills like jumping and other manoevers that you can pull off in a multiplayer game which will give you an advantage. Halo tricks are not ever that obvious. To learn tricks, the pro Halo players and Halo experts need to share their findings. Most tricks come from extensive playing of Halo Reach maps. Jumping tricks are learnt from experimenting and from skills gained from experience. Pro players and expert jumpers will show you Halo Reach tricks to help you win more.




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