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I want to first thank the writers of the Halo 3 FAQs and Guides! It takes a lot of time to write a Halo 3 xbox video game guide and keeping them accurate and readable is a challenge. These are great Halo 3 FAQs and Guides! Email and thank the authors for their hard work!

I want to save you time. Instead of looking through all the pages here at, you can get the meat without the bun. The big FAQs can be found here! These Halo 3 FAQs will give you tons of reading. The result? You will win more. Why not learn how to play the best Xbox video game Halo 3 and dominate on Xbox Live? That's my goal.

Xbox Video Game Guides and Faqs

Halo 3 FAQ Walkthrough

A complete Halo 3 FAQ. You will find controls, single player campaign, weapons, enemies, skulls, and more! Learn how to dominate Halo 3, the best xbox video game made!

-- Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"

Xbox Halo 3 Weapons and Vehicle FAQ

This Xbox Halo 3 video game FAQ covers in great detail the weapons and vehicles of Halo 3. You can find details on each weapon including power, range, accuracy, tips, and weapons to counter with. Great stuff! Halo 3 video game resource.

-- Written by Livio A (AkA Popcan3)


Halo 3 Multiplayer Guide

Just what we like here at! A multiplayer Halo 3 FAQ guide. Find general strategies, map tips, weapons, equipment, vehicles and more!

-- Writeen by Brandon3000xxx (Brandon Guerrie)


Halo 3 Video Game Guide

Screenshots and a very professional look. Basically this guide covers everything in Halo 3. Yes, I did say it covers virtually everything. PDF file format!

-- Written by


Halo 3 Video Game - Multiplayer Map Guide

Did I mention how much I like A great Xbox video game resource also. They have some amazing Halo 3 content. This is a PDF file that gives you the weapon, equipment, and vehicle locations on every multiplayer map! Print these off, study, win more! Easy.

-- Written by


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